No matter what kind of portraits you are shooting it’s all about the composition, lighting and subject matter.  I have shown 4 different types of portraits below.  A portrait doesn’t always mean having a face looking right at you.  Portrait photography can come in all different forms.  For instance, the top photo of the cowboy and horse do not show his face at all.  But the image says much more than that.

The second image of the Santa party shows extreme characters of the people.

The third photo is a portrait but because his face actually does not show it has been a great seller to a vast audience.

The fourth photo says it all.  A cute baby showing her face.  After all, years down the line you will want to see what her face looked like as a baby.


Holiday photography for parties.

Mountain Cowboy. This was created in Photoshop in several layers.

I can place my portraits into this background.

Children’s portraits

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