Recent sale of Wild Black Mustangs in the yellow meadow.






This art piece was purchased by Michael G.  on January 6,  2020 for his wife.  This was a surprise gift for his wife.  He saw one of the Wild Mustang pieces in the Colleen Farrell Art Gallery in Tehachapi and requested a few custom changes.  The wild Mustangs were in a slightly brown color and he preferred black.  He also requested a slight dimension change to 16 x 24 inches.  I printed this image on metal, no glass or acrylic cover needed with metal, and added a Golden Scoop frame.   Unfortunately the printing company that I use was already working overtime and could not guarantee a delivery before Christmas.  I decided to have a 4 x 6 printed up at our local Walgreen’s and bought a frame for a temporary gift.  She loved the temporary gift wrapped picture.  Then unfortunately the piece was to be delivered when a record snow storm hit and was again delayed.  In the end his wife loved the “Wild Black Mustangs in the yellow meadow” and he was a happy customer.  Thank you for your purchase Michael G. and for your patience.

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