One image with two different lighting situations.

Correcting a good image.

I found that in Yosemite that one image was having two different lighting situations.  Not a problem to fix in Photoshop.  I actually liked the first (original on the left) image until I see them side by side now.  I brought the image up in Photoshop and made a copy. (ctrl +C).  On the top image I put it into  Filter> Camera Raw Filter.  I adjusted the settings to my liking, a bit lighter then saved and closed.  So now I have two images on top of each other.  I put the darker layer on top and erased the bottom of that layer.  The lighter image appears and because it is a copy there is no problem with it not matching.  The rock areas in Yosemite can reflect the light so much more than the trees and meadows on the ground so I will be using this technique in a lot of my images.


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