A simple backdrop for children.

This image is intended to be used, or purchased by a studio photographer that needs an outdoor, nature background when they only have their studio.  By simply taking the portrait photo in their studio with a white or green background it is easy enough to erase the studio background in Photoshop and place the child in the nature background.   This is actually a large aluminum bucket in this photo but the flowers were so tall that it sunk down.  To remedy that a simple small box would have given it some height.  I usually have empty boxes in my car (Fiat) for just such an occasion but didn’t this time.  I like to use a wide f stop, 2.8 to have a blurred background.  I think that is the most common mistake of novice photographers.  They know something is wrong but just can’t seem to put their finger on it.  It could be a  lighting issue or a non blurred attraction getting background.  If the background is not blurred when you get home and see your images on the big computer screen I have a remedy for that too.  You must have Adobe Photoshop.  It’s a necessity in photography.  It can do amazing things when you have messed up.  If the background was not blurred in the photo, I would copy and paste the image and on the top image.  I put it in  Filter-Camera Raw Filter-Clarity and move the clarity to the left to make the top image blurry.  Then simply erase the bottom area that you would like to be in focus.  So simple.  Also using the Dodge Tool can work just by lightening it up.  Thanks for subscribing. More to come…


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