Great photo but not completely in focus.

This is a great photo.  So cute.  I took this at our local dog agility meet.  I volunteered to be the photographer for all of the events.  This is a great opportunity to get photos for stock photography and give the digital images to the friends that you meet there.  I had this photo on my Facebook page and the owner loved it.  I put it in Photoshop to make it look perfect and noticed at 400% that the face was not in perfect focus.  I told the owner that it might not make the best photo at 16 x 20 inches but gave the digital image to her anyway.  My point is, this would never be accepted at a stock photography site.  That’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s really good.  Your photography skills will improve immensely.  You will no longer look at your photos the same way.  Then when you look back at your prior images you will see the difference.  To improve my eye, I would go to the stock photography sites and only look at their best sellers.  It helps you gain a better eye for your images.  Give it a try, take your photos apart by focus, color, composition, content, and usefulness and just watch the improvement.

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