Cowboy into the fire.

Into the fire.

This image was really fun to create.  The background was a photo taken shooting into a red sunset and shaking the camera.  I did several of them and this one was the best to use.  The cowboy was a normal photo and I uploaded into Adobe Photoshop and erased the background and used the “Curves” to darken it to almost black.  This is a good seller on my stock sites along with my other cowboy themed uploads.

This image was shot on my Canon 60D awhile back.  That camera body is no longer for sale but the one that replaced it is definitely one that I would consider purchasing if it is a better price point for you.    It is the Canon 80D as shown below.  Because I choose all “L” lenses I do not opt for the “package deals”  for sale.  I think it is best to save your money and purchase lenses that you will not want to upgrade in the near future.  Can’t stress the “L” lenses enough.   Even though the image was shot on a “non full frame” camera body the lens I used was a Canon 70 – 200 “L”  2.8 II zoom.  It was the first lens I purchased.  It is still my favorite lens with the most beautiful bokeh (halos) that you could ask for.  Even the other Canon “L” lenses do not have this quality for smooth soft bokeh in my opinion.

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