Dog photography, so easy?

You may have to take lots of photos to get the right shot but it is worth it.  Pet photography sells well.  Adding the white background, isolated background, is a winner because the designers who purchase it are likely wanting to put their own text into the image.  I used a white sheet for the background, a few feet back, and studio lighting so there were no harsh shadows.  I turned a fan on to get the wind blown look and color corrected it in Photoshop so it does not have a blue or yellow tint.

This image was created with my Canon EOS 5 DS R 50.6 camera and the Canon “L” 70 – 200 2.8 lens.

Canon EOS 5DS R Digital SLR Camera Body with 64GB Card + Battery & Charger + Backpack + Grip + Flash + Kit

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    • Hi T.
      This photo was shot indoors in my studio. I used 2 flashes and one continuous light. I used a white sheet for the background at a distance from the subject.
      Camera – Canon EOS 5 DS R
      Lens – Canon 70 – 200 2.8 “L”
      Size – 8448 x 5747 pixels 6 x 10 feet
      Exposure – f. 4
      1 / 160 sec.
      ISO – 500
      Manual White balance approx. 5600
      Manual exposure setting as above
      I color corrected it in Adobe Photoshop and corrected the brightness in “Curves” .
      Thank you for your question!

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